To keep customers coming back they need to be engaged and interested. Changecrab can help a person or a business keep the attention of their customers and help them find interesting ways to keep the customers engaged.

This site will allow a person to make changelogs within a matter of minutes. They will be professional and they will look great. They can then be put anywhere on the site. There will be the latest fixtures and they will be updated often so that they work properly. This will allow the customers to see these items without interrupting their experience on the site.

This is a great way to make sure that customers have the latest information and all of the information that they will need. A person can make sidebar widgets that will stay on the site of the page. This way a customer can get all of the information from the site without having to click in a certain place.

The inline widget is professional looking and will allow the visitor to know the changes that were made to the site since the last time they were there.

The hosted Changelog widget page will allow the users to be part of the page. It will run right from a specific domain name and it will be protected using SSL to make sure that information is safe.

 These are some of the services to help customers learn about changes. This will allow them to see what is new without messing up their experience on the site.

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